Our services

Advice & Information on:

welfare benefits, housing, health, education, employment, or immigration problems.

Women Support Service

To support isolated Somali/BME women that face multiple issues.

Children & Young People

Weekly sessions for 50 young people each year.

SEN Support Service

One-to-one advice, Advice on special schools, Annual reviews, Transport, EHCP, DLA forms, Accompanying parents to schools, workshops and activities.

Health activities

We offer range of activities including access to leisure activities, physical health problems, isolation etc. Weekly activities on offer include walking, swimming sessions, tea and talk sessions, cycling, discussion forums and group meetings.

Employment & Training Support

Employment programme offers a customer focused service that treats people as individuals and offers a personalised approach to meet each individual’s needs.

Family support service

Family Support Programme works with families and we take referrals from social services and other agencies.

Supplementary education

Weekly supplementary education lessons for 75 children and young people aged 5-16.

Winter Warm Hub

The community winter hub offers welcoming and safe space . We support our benefeciaries to stay healthy, active and connected with others over the winter months. Our friendly community space is open and accessible for all, and offer those who may feel isolated at home, a safe space to visit.

Cost of Living Crisis

We’re seeing a rising demand for support the wider communities. Alongside advice and poverty effect of people looking for support in other areas as a result of the impacts of poverty, debt and money worries.

The Right Solution for You and Your Family


Our Educational Consultants provide a thorough and bespoke service for families seeking advice regarding any aspect of their child’s education.

Consultants are able to provide support and guidance with:

  • School and University Selection
  • Application Processes
  • Entry Requirements
  • Careers Advice
  • Full academic assessment with report
  • Help choosing GCSE and A-Level subjects

Support and advice for parents in all aspects of education and referral, where necessary, to our network of recommended specialists. Access to free educational resources and advice for parents, teachers and children.

New GCSE's

A numerical grading system of 9-1 has replaced the current system of A*-G, with 9 as the highest achievable grade and 1 as the lowest (although there will also be a grade U for those who fail to achieve the minimum requirements for grade 1).

Grade 5 will be considered a ‘good pass’, with performance tables focusing on students achieving grades 9-5.

The old system takes a grade C as a benchmark for a ‘good pass’, but the new grade 5 will be equivalent to a low B or high C – thus a ‘good pass’ mark will become harder to achieve than previously.

The new system has been designed to reveal differences between candidates at the top end of the spectrum. The current top two grades (A* and A) will be replaced with three top grades (9,8 and 7).

Grade 9 is being referred to by some as an A**, as it will only be awarded to approximately the top 3%.

Gold Award

We have receieved a Gold Award. This shows that BritSom's supplementary school has well-established systems in place to ensure consistent good quality.


There are written plans, handbooks, and procedures so that when someone leaves, and a new person joins, the school routines will carry on.


The management committee meets regularly to plan and monitor the work of the school, and the minutes of their meetings  form much of the evidence.


The school provides evidence that children’s needs, progress and performance are assessed and monitored.