Young people at BritSom

BritSom has run youth work sessions in and around Barnet for over 10 years.

To us at BritSom Youth work isn’t just about having the right ratio of adults to young people to ensure we are covering the numerous health and safety standards, but to ensure young people have a safe environment to hang out in.

Our organisation provides Adult/youth mentors who can encourage the younger people aged 10-16 who come to our sessions to attend school get help with homework if needed engage with others and to feel comfortable to discuss issues they may have and find difficult to discuss with the adults around them, as well as enjoy playing  Air hockey table , table tennis and other games. Coming to BritSom after school club for some young people is a chance to just chill and have a bit of fun after school before returning home. A number of young people have parents who maybe at work so there is no one to welcome them after school. This is why the environment we create in our organisations is important.

Our older young people between 16-25 and those in the NEET or targeted groups are given advice and guidance to move on and develop their attributes and encourage them to use them. For examples we often come across young people whom are potential entrepreneurs. We have referred these young people on to the right organisation that can help develop these areas as well as have them take part in any form of enterprising initiatives we may be running. This has been successful in the past with some of the young people we work with going on to develop their own business.

  • To provide unique and significant services that promote young people to help themselves.

  • To genuinely and strategically tackle the problems facing the young people living every corner of Barnet.

  • Through our services and projects, we aim to encourage the young people to achieve their aspiration to escape from poverty and crime.

  • To promote rights and justice for the most disadvantaged young people in Barnet.