BritSom's history

Britsom was established in 2008 as an organisation dedicated to the advancement of the Somali/black and minority ethnic (BME) communities in Barnet.


Its members include students, graduates and professionals who recognise the importance of playing an active role in society and who have an ardent desire to support Somali  and black and minority ethnic (BME) parents / carers, children and young people.

BritSom's objectives

  • To provide unique and significant services that promote Somali/black and minority ethnic (BME) groups  integration into British society.

  • To genuinely and strategically tackle the problems facing the black and minority ethnic (BME)  community in the London Borough of Barnet and surrounding Boroughs.

  • Through our services and projects, we aim to encourage Somali / black and minority ethnic (BME)  children to achieve their aspirations, become responsible adults and to support them so that they are capable of being tomorrow’s leaders.

  • To promote rights and justice for minorities who face the most severe forms of racism and discrimination.