Our services

Services for people from the Somali and other refugee and migrant communities.


We cover the London Borough of Barnet: Burnt Oak, Colindale, Hendon, Edgware and Mill Hill.


  • Integration support - We provide integration support for new refugees with english classes, access to mainstream benefis etc.

  • Supplementary school - free help for children and young people aged 5-16 with English and Maths.
  • Mentoring for young people - group and one-to-one support sessions for children and young people.
  • Women's ESOL - women-only English classes for beginners and intermediate.


General advice, information and guidance on housing, welfare benefits, Health and Welbeing and immigration matters.



Youth Leadership Programme

Our Leadership Programmes helps individuals recognise their potential, harness their talents to take stock of their career aspirations and achieve their personal goals.

Our Leadership activities build skills relevant to young people's personal development, as well as their role within a group.

Parental Seminars

Fortnightly seminars for parents of children attending our programmes; raise awareness of and help deal with the British education system; equip the parents with motivational tools to help raise the aspirations of the children; discuss topical issues relating to child rearing, education and career paths.

The Right Solution for You and Your Family

"At the end of the day, the most overwhelming key to a child's success is the positive involvement of parents''

Jane D. Hull


Our Educational Consultants provide a thorough and bespoke service for families seeking advice regarding any aspect of their child’s education.

Consultants are able to provide support and guidance with:

  • School and University Selection
  • Application Processes
  • Entry Requirements
  • Careers Advice
  • Full academic assessment with report
  • Help choosing GCSE and A-Level subjects

Support and advice for parents in all aspects of education and referral, where necessary, to our network of recommended specialists. Access to free educational resources and advice for parents, teachers and children.

New GCSE's

A numerical grading system of 9-1 has replaced the current system of A*-G, with 9 as the highest achievable grade and 1 as the lowest (although there will also be a grade U for those who fail to achieve the minimum requirements for grade 1).

Grade 5 will be considered a ‘good pass’, with performance tables focusing on students achieving grades 9-5.

The old system takes a grade C as a benchmark for a ‘good pass’, but the new grade 5 will be equivalent to a low B or high C – thus a ‘good pass’ mark will become harder to achieve than previously.

The new system has been designed to reveal differences between candidates at the top end of the spectrum. The current top two grades (A* and A) will be replaced with three top grades (9,8 and 7).

Grade 9 is being referred to by some as an A**, as it will only be awarded to approximately the top 3%.

Gold Award

We have receieved a Gold Award. This shows that BritSom's supplementary school has well-established systems in place to ensure consistent good quality.


There are written plans, handbooks, and procedures so that when someone leaves, and a new person joins, the school routines will carry on.


The management committee meets regularly to plan and monitor the work of the school, and the minutes of their meetings  form much of the evidence.


The school provides evidence that children’s needs, progress and performance are assessed and monitored.





Working together for a better future.

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